Project Information

Incorporated in 1965, Mauritius Cosmetics Limited (MCL) started with the production of toothpaste “Blendax” under license of Blendax Werke Germany (later acquired by Procter and Gamble USA). Since then, MCL has kept on expanding its production capabilities with the introduction to new equipments and manufacturing methods. Using its latest equipments and skilled technical staff, MCL successfully made Blendax the best selling toothpaste brand in the country. In 2015, MCL stopped the production of Blendax toothpaste under the P&G license and launched its new toothpaste brand, Dentamax. As a result of its quality and reliability through 50 years of experience, it did not take long for the new brand, Dentamax to acquire a leading market share in Mauritius. Besides the production of toothpaste, the company is also in the manufacture of several other products.

MCL manufactures Kamill cosmetic products under license of Burnus GMBH (Germany) and furniture care products of Poliboy Werke (Germany). The company also has licensee partnership with Beauté Diffusion (Paris) for perfumes such as Eau De Colognes and Eau de Toilettes. MCL has further expanded its manufacturing activities into soap products and natural insects’ repellent products. MCL has also been approved as an official supplier of GM products (France), which manufactures and distributes exclusive brands such as Yves Rocher, Blaise Mautin, Azzaro, Clarins etc. to hotels.


Mauritius Cosmetics LTD is renowned for the production and distribution of quality product to its customers. The company has attained this reputation through its strict selection of the finest raw material, equipment and personnel.

The superior standard of MCL can also be seen through their quality assurance programs at all levels of operation; from manufacturing to packaging.

The factory, which is located in Mauritius, is certified ISO 22716 and ISO 9001 by AFNOR, which assures its compliance to the best manufacturing practices and its objective to attain the full satisfaction of its customers.

MCL also manufactures products certified by ECOCERT and thrives to diminish their impact on the environment by streamlining their supply chain solutions, decreasing water and energy usage, recycling waste, and making use of sustainable alternatives.


‘Excellence through quality and responsibility’
Our mission is to meet shareholders’ profit expectations and to provide job security for all employees by manufacturing and providing innovative and high quality products.
We aim to position ourselves as business leaders by continuously improving our processes, productivity, safety and quality.
We adhere to certain principles and standards that will ensure our people are qualified and appropriately trained to meet our high expectations. In return, we reward our employees for their contribution in meeting our business goals.
We are committed to the Mauritian population by being a responsible employer, through wise investments and by choosing environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes.
We evaluate and measure our success by regular communication with our customers, employees and shareholders
to ensure their satisfaction and uphold loyalty.