Paper Converting Company Limited (PCCL) is the premier manufacturer of tissue and toilet paper in Mauritius, proudly producing renowned international brands such as Kleenex, Carlton, and Scottex under license from Kimberly Clark Corporation of the USA. PCCL has established itself as a household name and market leader in Mauritius, reflecting the global success of Kimberly Clark products.

Since its inception in October 1967, PCCL has been widely recognized as a pioneer in toilet tissue roll production, offering a diverse range of paper products with varying levels of quality, from basic to premium. As a licensed partner of Kimberly Clark, PCCL strictly adheres to the corporation’s international quality control policy. Moreover, PCCL operates under the ISO 9001 quality standard since 2012, further reinforcing its commitment to exceptional product quality.

In pursuit of horizontal and vertical integration, PCCL expanded its operations by becoming the holding company of Gumboots & Protective Wear Manufacturing Ltd, aligning with its strategic integration policy.


Our primary objective is to fulfil the profit expectations of our shareholders while simultaneously ensuring job security for all employees through the manufacturing and provision of innovative, high-quality products.

To establish ourselves as frontrunners in the industry, we strive for continuous improvement in our processes, productivity, safety measures, and product quality. By adhering to stringent principles and standards, we guarantee that our workforce possesses the necessary qualifications and training to meet our elevated expectations. In recognition of their valuable contributions towards our business goals, we duly reward our employees.

As a responsible employer, we demonstrate our commitment to the Mauritian population through sustainable investments and the conscious selection of environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes. Regular communication with our customers, employees, and shareholders serves as a vital gauge of our success, ensuring their satisfaction and fostering loyalty.