Mauritius Cosmetics Limited (MCL)

Established in 1965, Mauritius Cosmetics Limited (MCL) was incorporated with the primary objective of producing “Blendax” toothpaste under license from Blendax Werke Germany (later acquired by Procter and Gamble USA). Over the years, MCL has continually enhanced its production capabilities through the adoption of advanced equipment and manufacturing methods. Leveraging state-of-the-art facilities and a highly skilled technical workforce, MCL achieved remarkable success, positioning Blendax as the top-selling toothpaste brand in the country.

In 2015, MCL made a strategic decision to discontinue the production of Blendax toothpaste under the P&G license and introduced a new toothpaste brand called Dentamax. Leveraging its rich experience of 50 years and a strong reputation for quality and reliability, Dentamax swiftly gained a significant market share, solidifying its position as a leading toothpaste brand in Mauritius. In addition to toothpaste manufacturing, MCL has diversified its product portfolio to include various other items.

MCL holds license for the production of furniture care products from Poliboy Werke (Germany). The company has also established a licensee partnership with Beauté Diffusion (Paris) for the production of perfumes, including Eau De Colognes and Eau de Toilettes. Expanding its manufacturing capabilities further, MCL ventured into the production of soap products and natural insect repellents. 

Best processes and quality control

Mauritius Cosmetics LTD is a renowned leader in the production and distribution of exceptional quality products, solidifying its reputation among discerning customers. The company has diligently established this standing by implementing stringent measures in selecting the finest raw materials, advanced equipment, and skilled personnel.

MCL upholds an unwavering commitment to superior standards, evident in its comprehensive quality assurance programs implemented across all facets of its operations, from manufacturing to packaging.

Situated in Mauritius, the MCL factory proudly holds prestigious certifications such as ISO 22716 and ISO 9001 from AFNOR, affirming its adherence to the highest manufacturing practices and its relentless pursuit of complete customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, MCL is dedicated to manufacturing products certified by ECOCERT, reflecting its dedication to minimizing environmental impact. Through optimized supply chain solutions, efficient water and energy management, waste recycling initiatives, and the integration of sustainable alternatives, MCL actively endeavors to reduce its ecological footprint while delivering exceptional products.


“Excellence through Quality and Responsibility” is the guiding principle behind our corporate vision.

Our mission is twofold: to exceed shareholders’ profit expectations and provide job security by manufacturing innovative, high-quality products. We continuously improve our processes, productivity, safety, and quality to establish ourselves as industry leaders. Our commitment to excellence is upheld through qualified and well-trained employees, rewarded for their contributions. As a responsible employer, we invest wisely, prioritize environmentally friendly practices, and engage in regular communication with customers, employees, and shareholders to ensure satisfaction and loyalty.