Elite Indian Ocean, the commercial arm of the Deramann group, is a trusted distributor for high-quality products manufactured within the group. With extensive expertise and a strong distribution network, Elite Indian Ocean efficiently delivers these products to the market, ensuring they reach customers on time and meet their expectations. By seamlessly coordinating distribution, the company ensures the availability of the group’s products, satisfying customer demands. 

Furthermore, Elite Indian Ocean holds exclusive distribution rights for an impressive array of internationally recognized brands. This strategic partnership enables the company to expand its product portfolio, offering a diverse range of esteemed brands to its customers. Leveraging its strong sales infrastructure and extensive fleet of vehicles, Elite Indian Ocean effectively promotes and markets these brands, maximizing their visibility and reach in the market. 

Through its well-established sales channels, Elite Indian Ocean fosters strong relationships with retailers and distributors, providing them with comprehensive support and assistance. The company’s dedicated sales teams work closely with partners to understand their specific needs and develop tailored strategies to optimize sales and enhance brand presence. This collaborative approach strengthens the market position of the brands represented by Elite Indian Ocean and contributes to their overall success. 


In summary, Elite Indian Ocean plays a pivotal role within the Deramann group, serving as a reliable distributor for the group’s products while also holding exclusive distribution rights for prestigious international brands. With its extensive fleet of vehicles, robust sales infrastructure, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Elite Indian Ocean effectively markets and distributes a diverse range of products, ensuring their availability and driving their success in the market. 

Our Brands

The first 100% Mauritian toothpaste launched by Mauritius Cosmetics Ltd, a member of the Deramann Group. This product is the result of 50 years’ of culminated expertise acquired through the partnership with Blendax.

Manufactured by Paper Converting ltd under Kimberly Clark license, Scottex is a great kitchen towel product with high absorption.

Made in Switzerland, Trisa’s teeth hygiene products and toothbrush are very efficient and are made with high quality standards.

Pure care derived from the powers of chamomile, Kamill products soothe, relax, and moisturize the skin in a natural manner with hand creams and body lotion.

Happy dog is a shampoo and lotion that protects your dog against ticks, fleas and bugs effectively and it also softens the skin.

Spontex offers a large variety of cleaning products, such as vegetable sponges, microfibers sponges and mobs.

Designed and printed paper napkins.

Manufactured by Paper Converting ltd under Kimberly Clark license, Carlton paper tissues are very accessible and strong.

Manufactured by Paper Converting ltd under Kimberly Clark license, Kleenex is the world leader in paper tissue products.

Cleaning product ideal for wooden, leather or metal furnitures, it also removes rings and stains, and make furniture shine again.

Manufactured by Mauritius Cosmetics Ltd, Calinea offers a high quality laundry detergent and laundry softener to the Mauritian market.

A mosquito repellent made of citronella and other natural products.